Is Your Landscaping Water-Wise?

Being Water Wise means using water practically and efficiently.

Effective planning with deliberate planting is key to being Water Wise. In Big Sky, water use increases 160% during the summer due to landscape irrigation.  When we irrigate during the heat of the day, 65% of the water is wasted through evaporation. This puts a huge stress on our water resources, lowering the Gallatin’s flows while exacerbating water-quality challenges. Because fertilizers contain nitrogen and phosphorus, green lawns are also a major source of pollutants. The good news is that residential and commerical landscapes can incorporate Water Wise strategies such as planting low water, drought-tolerant, and native plants, along with an efficient watering schedule.


Trout Friendly Landscapes

By planting native wildflowers, grasses, and shrubs instead of lawns, we can  use our yards to restore wildlife habitat and save water to protect the Gallatin River’s world class fishery.

Plan, Maintain, Save

The plants and landscape features you choose determine the look of your landscape and how water-wise your landscape can be. Utilize the outdoor rebates and resources provided by the Big Sky Water Conservation Program to plan your landscape and save water and money.

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Outdoor Rebates

Receive rebates by installing weather-based smart controllers, rain sensors, sprinkler heads and nozzles, and performing spring outdoor audits / system checkups.

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Water Wise Landscape Guide

Use this guide to be water wise throughout landscape design, installation, and maintenance – whether you are starting from scratch or looking to update an existing landscape.


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