Drought Dashboard

The Gallatin River Basin is drought prone.

Drought is not merely a natural event; it is dependent on the demand people place on water supplies. Water conservation is one the easiest steps we can take to help mitigate the impacts of drought.


Severe Drought

IMPACT Potential serious water supply problem. Ecosystem and economic impacts are possible.


  • Save water indoors
  • Start planning your water-wise landscape for the spring



February 2024, Big Sky, Montana and the Gallatin River Basin are in Severe Drought. Mountain snowpack is at 60% of normal compared to the average for this time of year. Conditions are expected to persist over the next month.


Real-Time Drought Watch

This interactive tool provides a way to look at different variables that influence drought conditions in the Gallatin River Basin. Learn how to use the tool.

Drought response means taking action.

As the intensity of drought increases so should our response to saving water so that more water will be available to support the people, plants, wildlife, and fish who depend on the limited water available during drought.  

Drought Status Chart

Drought impacts our quality of life.

The most significant impacts associated with drought are those related to water-intensive activities such as, wildfire protection, drinking water supply, agriculture production, landscape irrigation, recreation, and wildlife preservation. Explore how drought impacts us locally.

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