Big Sky Water Conservation

Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to thrive through drought, stretch water supplies, and protect the Gallatin River.

Snowmelt drives water supply in Big Sky, recharging groundwater that feeds the Gallatin River, and provides water for public consumption and downstream agriculture. Shifting climate patterns show reduced snowpack, earlier snowmelt, lower later-season streamflows, and more frequent droughts. Efficient and conservation-minded water use is imperative as Big Sky continues to grow, water demand increases, and our water supply becomes less reliable. Luckily, everyone in the community can take action to conserve what we have.

Simply adjusting your irrigation schedule can increase water conservation and reduce up to 65% evaporative losses from landscape applied water.

The Water Conservation Program

Big Sky strives to be a model mountain community by protecting and improving water resources, sustaining the ecological health of the watersheds, and supporting a vibrant local economy.

Water Conservation, Big Sky, Gallatin River Task Force

Indoor Rebates

The Task Force offers rebates to Big Sky residents that prioritize water savings in their homes by installing water-efficient toilets, shower heads, and clothes washers. 

Water Conservation, Big Sky, Meadow Village, Golf Course

Outdoor Rebates

Residents receive rebates by installing weather-based smart controllers, rain sensors, sprinkler heads and nozzles, and performing spring outdoor audits / system checkups.

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Water Wise Landscapes

Show your support for water conservation by utilizing water wise landscaping practices that protect the health of the Gallatin River, native pollinators, and native trout.

Water Conservation and Drought Planning

Through a locally-driven, stakeholder-lead process, the Task Force is working to build a drought resilient community, safeguard drinking water supply, and protect our greatest asset, the Gallatin River.

Water Conservation, Big Sky, Gallatin River Task Force

Water Conservation Plan

A comprehensive plan of action to conserve and sustainably manage our limited water supply requires everyone actively participating in water conservation and responsible water smart growth. 

Water Conservation, Big Sky, Meadow Village, Golf Course

Drought Dashboard

Stay up to date on real-time drought conditions, learn how drought status is determined, and apply simple yet impactful water conservation measures to prepare your home and landscape for drought. 

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