Outdoor Rebates

Did you know poor irrigation scheduling, leaks, and outdated irrigation systems are the primary source of wasted water and money on our landscapes? Let’s change that.

Efficient irrigation and choosing plants best suited for Big Sky’s climate are the keys to a Water Wise Landscape. The Gallatin River Task Force provides irrigation audits and outdoor rebates to help community members make water conservation a priority for landscapes at home and at work. Use the table below to learn more about the type of rebates offered. 

Big Sky Outdoor Rebates, Native Landscaping

We Are Here To Help

Our Conservation Manager, Jess Olson, is a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper and can help you use water efficiently in your landscape by conducting an irrigation audit and connecting you to rebates so you can save money. Schedule your irrigation audit or turf conversion pre-approval site visit. If you have questions regarding rebate eligibility or the application process call Jess at 406-995-2519. 

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Outdoor Rebates Offered

RebateRebate AmountMax Rebate Amount (per installation address)Qualifications
Irrigation AuditResidential: $100
Commercial: $200
Gallatin River Task Force Audit: Free
1 audit every 5 years
For audit rebate include Irrigation Audit Form signed by a landscape professional. For a free audit Schedule a Site Visit
Weather-Based Smart Irrigation ControllerRetrofit: $250
New build: $150
1 per installation address

EPA WaterSense label
Sprinkler Spray Bodies$1 per sprinkler body$2001. EPA WaterSense label
2. Purchase a minimum of 5
Drip Irrigation50% of retail purchase$3501. Must be purchased from List of Approved Products
2. Submit photos of installed and operational equipment.

Turf Conversion$5 per square foot convertedPre-approval required
1. Must convert a minimum of 100 square feet.
2. The area must be replaced with one of or a combination of: native vegetation such as grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees, permeable hard-surface such as cobblestone.
3. Prior to turf conversion Schedule a Site Visit

Most landscape professionals are familiar with irrigation equipment and product labels. You can also find a qualifying model, using the Product Search on the WaterSense® page. Products, services, and landscape changes must be complete and operational before submitting a rebate application. For a full list rebate specifications and eligibility requirements, please review the rebate application. 

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Indoor Rebates

We also offers cash incentives for swapping toilets, laundry machines, and other water-using fixtures. This keeps water in the river while keeping cash in your pocket.
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Water-Wise Landscaping

By landscaping with native plants, you can cut back on water use, fertilizer use, and maintenance time—all while saving water, money, and energy.
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