Is Your Landscaping Water-Wise?

Landscapes in Big Sky are part of the Gallatin River Watershed, and our landscaping choices influence water quality, water quantity, fish and wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities.

Believe it or not, summer water use outpaces winter use by seven times, even though winter visitation is far higher. The primary reason is landscaping irrigation.  When we irrigate during the heat of the day, 65% of the water is wasted through evaporation. This puts a huge stress on our water resources, lowering the Gallatin’s flows while exacerbating water-quality challenges. Because fertilizers contain nitrogen and phosphorus, green lawns are also a major source of pollutants.

By planting native wildflowers, grasses, and shrubs instead of green-grass lawns, we can actually use our backyards to restore habitat while saving water, time, and money.


The plants and landscape features you choose determine the look of your landscape and how water-wise your landscape can be. Utilize the resources below to learn more.

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