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Gallatin River Task Force Member Spotlight: Kevin Cloyd

In an effort to give more recognition to the people who step up to become members of the Task Force we are introducing our Membership Spotlight.  Today, we wanted to highlight one of our newest members, Kevin Cloyd. Kevin was first introduced to the Gallatin River Task Force through Big Sky’s 2023 Wildlands Festival. In Kevin’s words,

“Despite a bit of weather, the energy of the whole weekend was phenomenal, and the chance to learn about the benefactors was equally great”.

Gallatin River Task Force Member Spotlight

After the weekend festival, Kevin took the opportunity to research the Task Force, learning more and becoming impressed by our mission and our work.

“I thank the organization for their cause and the good work to date in protecting and preserving the beautiful Gallatin River. I look forward to continuing to support the Task Force and their goal of protecting the Gallatin and its various tributaries – from the headwaters to its termination point at the Missouri River”.

Most impressive to Kevin is our collaborative and community-based approach, providing a local stimulus that gives the organization opportunities to achieve our goals of ecological health, water conservation, and wastewater management for a long time to come.

We look forward to your ongoing support and involvement in the future, Kevin!

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