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Big Sky Community Shows Love for the Gallatin River

As we begin to reflect on this past year, the progress we’ve made, and the projects we’ve accomplished, there is one common thread connecting all of these achievements: community. From the Gallatin River Clean-up to Hooked on the Gallatin and everything in between, our work would not be possible without our dedicated community. The shared love for the Gallatin River and interest in supporting our mission is what makes our community special.


Love for the Gallatin River

Every volunteer, donor, sponsor, project partner, and supporter plays a role; they are all contributing factors to the successful year that we’ve had. They are essential to helping us accomplish our goals and continue working to protect the Gallatin River. There are many ways that the community supports and uplifts our work. Which is why we want to recognize the different ways that individuals and organizations contribute to our projects and programs.

Volunteers and program participants are critical to the success of many of our events and programs.

Community engagement has an immense impact on our capacity, and ability to complete work addressing nonpoint source pollution, data collection, and water conservation. Donating nearly 600 hours of time by engaging in our clean-ups, water monitoring, and outreach events, this year the Big Sky community:

  • Cleaned up more than 2,000 pounds of trash and pet waste from local trails and along the Gallatin River
  • Collected 572 data points across 11 sites on the Gallatin River tributaries over 6 months as a part of our monitoring program
  • Saved more than 290,000 gallons of water through water conservation initiatives

Community Support Beyond Big Sky

The Big Sky community is vital to shaping and supporting the work that we do. We also recognize that the Gallatin River Task Force community is far-reaching and extends beyond Big Sky and the Gallatin Valley. Our community of support is also comprised of donors and supporters across the United States. Thus creating a network of advocates and stewards who share a passion for the Gallatin River from every corner of the country. As a result, we want to thank all our supporters for their contributions and commitment which includes:

  • 336 donors
  • 143 members through our Friend of the Gallatin Membership Program
  • Thousands of online subscribers, and followers across several platforms

Community Partnerships

Partnering with our greater community’ is a vital piece of our mission. Collaboration is one of the driving forces behind our goals and priorities and greatly expands our ability to complete projects. As a community-based organization, we must recognize the many non-profit organizations, businesses, local, state, and federal agencies, and community funders that make our work possible. Our community partners dedicate time, money, and resources towards every aspect of our work. Partnerships which were essential in completing restoration projects, managing water resources, driving successful events, and raising community awareness about the Gallatin River and the greater watershed ecosystem we rely on.

The Gallatin River is a community resource that requires a community effort to monitor, restore, and protect. We are truly humbled by the support, commitment, and generosity of our community and their unwavering dedication to helping us continue to work to protect the Gallatin River for future generations.

Finally, to every volunteer, donor, sponsor, partner, participant, and supporter- thank you for your Love for the Gallatin River!

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