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Summer is the Perfect Time to Save Water and Money

Did you know that water use in Big Sky triples to 300 gallons per day during the summer months? Irrigating outdoor landscapes, including lawns and gardens, causes the exponential increase in use.

Big Sky has a semi-arid climate, susceptible to chronic and prolonged drought. Climate change and rapid development further threaten water supply and availability.

Summer provides a great opportunity to reduce personal water use and conserve water. The Big Sky Water Conservation Program offers rebates to individuals within the Big Sky Area Resort Tax District who choose to upgrade toilets, showerheads, clothes washers, and irrigation equipment to water-efficient models.

Even if you don’t quality for a rebate, taking small steps to conserve water, including checking for leaks, turning off water when not in use, using WaterSense labeled fixtures, and spreading awareness of water use and impacts, makes a difference!

Water conservation will play a vital role in the future of Big Sky and protect water resources in the Upper Gallatin River Watershed. Ever drop of water saved is one that remains in the river.

Learn more on the Big Sky Water Conservation Program page.


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