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What if crystal balls were real and we could see what the future holds? What would you look for? What does the river look like? What can you do now to shape the future for the outcome you want to see?
Like you, the Gallatin River Task Force does not have a crystal ball. But what we do have are Friends of the Gallatin, who care about ensuring that we continue the legacy of maintaining a healthy Gallatin River for future generations. Friends of the Gallatin help in shaping the river’s future. How you see the river now can be a glimpse of what your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will see …
Please consider giving a gift to the Task Force, on behalf of the Gallatin River, before the end of 2016. Take advantage of our holiday special and you could become a member for just $25. Your donation is tax deductible, and the river reaps the benefits with you. So will your descendants and all things dependent on the health of the river.

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