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The white cliffs of the Missouri River were permanently protected in 1976. Photo from Flickr.


No matter who you are in Montana, you understand that our state’s history, prosperity, wildlife, and beauty are tied to our clean, free-flowing rivers. They provide drinking water, irrigation water, and outstanding recreational opportunities. However, the most important headwaters streams on Montana’s public lands, like the Gallatin, Yellowstone, Madison, and Taylor Fork, are facing threats from out-of-state water interests, natural resource development, and extraction efforts that could harm water quality or scenic values.

We need you to call the Montana delegation to voice your support for clean, free-flowing rivers.

The draft Montana Headwaters Security Act would designate new Wild and Scenic rivers to ensure the highest form of protection for Montana’s most crucial rivers on public lands. Currently, less than half of one percent of the rivers in Montana are permanently protected as Wild and Scenic. However, the Montana Headwaters Security Act proposes to designate 37 new Wild and Scenic Rivers and streams in the state.

Last year, East Rosebud Creek became the first waterway in Montana since 1976 to receive this pivotal classification. This event signified the importance of river conservation in Montana.

The Gallatin River has captured the heart of the Big Sky community through its beauty, wildlife habitat, and as a prominent feature in the landscape that many people call home. As the community of Big Sky grows, it is imperative that we preserve the Gallatin River for future generations.

The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act will protect the Gallatin’s “free-flowing character, clean water, and outstanding values”. The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act only impacts management on public land without limiting access on public lands within the designated river corridor or opening private lands to public access.

If our rivers remain vulnerable to imminent threats from natural resource development and extraction, we risk losing what makes Montana special. The Montana Headwaters Security Act has robust support within the region. However, we need continued advocacy. Montana’s plentiful clean water and free-flowing streams are too important to jeopardize!

Today, you can make a difference for Montana’s rivers.

We need you to ask Montana’s delegation to introduce the Montana Headwaters Security Act. Call the Montana delegation to tell them how important it is to protect Montana’s rivers and streams!

  • Introduce yourself by telling them your name and where you are from.
  • Express why rivers in Montana are important to you.
  • Ask them to introduce the Montana Headwaters Security Act.
  • Voice that we can no longer afford to wait and that now is the right time to protect our streams.

Montana Delegation:

Office of Senator
Jon Tester
‍311 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-2604
Phone: (202) 224-2644

Office of Senator
Steve Daines
‍320 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-2651

Office of Congressman
Greg Gianforte
‍1222 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3211

If you are a local business that wishes to further support local rivers and streams, endorse the Montana Headwaters Security Act at healthyriversmt.org.


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