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Gallatin River Forever Campaign Needs Your Help this Holiday Season….

We are called by the river and we rely on the river. And because of the Gallatin, we decided we must do more this year and in 2019. We need your support this Holiday Season as we end 2018, to reach our goals to grow our mission and funding.

In June of this year, we announced the public launch of our Gallatin River Forever Capital Campaign to raise $1.2 million dollars in order to: monitor, repair, and improve the Gallatin River and its tributaries to ensure the long-term health of the watershed. The campaign has four initiatives: River Conservation and Improved Access, Watershed Monitoring, Organizational Sustainability, and Education and Outreach.

Would you consider supporting our work this holiday season, to help us end 2018 in as strong of a position as possible? Together, we can give the river a voice and a healthy future. Together, we can ensure the Gallatin River Forever.

Here is an outline of our initiatives as we seek to raise another $350,000 to fully fund this effort, with your support:

River Restoration and Improved Access: The Gallatin River Task Force has put together an ambitious plan to improve public access with the goal of repairing sites in Gallatin Canyon. Our first project was at Moose Creek Flat Recreational Area, followed by three other locations: Deer Creek, Baetis Alley, and Porcupine. Together, these projects will keep the Gallatin pristine for future generations to enjoy. 

Watershed Monitoring: Watershed monitoring helps us to understand the future of the Gallatin River in a changing world. Since 2000, the Gallatin River Task Force has built an invaluable record of water quality and habitat data for the Gallatin River and its tributaries. When fully funded, the Task Force will be able to increase the scope and intensity of its watershed monitoring program to evaluate the impacts of climate change and increased demands on water resources.  

Organizational Sustainability:  As our community has grown, so has the need to protect our local waters. In planning for our future, our sustainability will require funding outside of, and in addition to, our traditional sources. For this reason, we have identified the need for a full-time development staff member to help us fund future projects that will keep us true to our mission of a healthy Gallatin River for future generations.

Education and Outreach: Our education and outreach activities elevate the importance of the river in our community, identify individual actions that positively and negatively impact the river, and build river stewardship to ensure the long-term health of the watershed. Through the capital campaign, we will be able to expand youth hands-on programming and adult continuing education opportunities to inspire the next generation of conservation leaders.


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