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Support a Future of Cold, Clean, and Abundant Water for the Gallatin River

You have the power to protect the Gallatin River, now and forever.

In the words of Alan Johnson, a champion for the Gallatin River Forever Campaign Committee, “the Gallatin Forever Campaign is all about doing the tangible things that must be done NOW to preserve the river we love. There is a LOT to be done, and much of it is URGENT. You can make the difference.”

The Gallatin River Task Force board, staff, and campaign committee are excited to announce the public phase of the Gallatin River Forever Campaign. Our goal is to raise $1.2 million for river conservation and improved access projects, education and outreach opportunities with our community, organizational stability, and water quality monitoring.

The Gallatin River Forever Campaign Committee has worked hard to raise money over the past 15 months. The best news? We have already raised over $800,000!

And you can see the impact of the campaign at Moose Creek Flat, where the Task Force and the Custer Gallatin National Forest rebuilt streambanks, restored streamside vegetation, and improved access. Imagine what Deer Creek and the Green Bridge will be like when the next restoration project is complete.

And think of everyone, who benefits from a successful campaign: anglers, rafters, kayakers, swimmers, homeowners, visitors, kids who want to learn about the wonders of the river, professionals who rely on a healthy river to thrive in their careers, the list goes on and on …

Where do you find yourself?

If you find yourself dipping your toes in the river, or floating in a boat, or casting a fly, or simply sitting along the banks soaking in the views, please donate to the Gallatin River Forever Campaign today. Your investment will ensure a healthy Gallatin River for generations to come.

Just look at Alan and Becky Johnson, who have fished this river since their youth, and are passing the tradition along to their daughter, Amanda Johnson Cornelius, and their grandchildren, who will share the same thrill of pulling a brown trout out of the Gallatin River!

Help us raise the next $400,000 of the campaign.

Click here to donate today!


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