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First River Access Improvement Project Breaks Ground at Moose Creek

Work to stabilize streambanks and improve river access has begun at Moose Creek day use area. Restoration work at Moose Creek is the first of many projects lead by the Gallatin River Task Force and the Custer Gallatin National Forest that will enhance access and safety for river users and restore riparian habitat along the Gallatin corridor.

In 2015, the Task Force mapped 111 public river access sites between Yellowstone National Park boundary and Spanish Creek to prioritize sites for future restoration work. The first project focuses on the Moose Creek recreational area, a heavily trafficked public day-use area and campground with severe erosion and streamside vegetation damage.

Loss of streamside vegetation and heavy recreational use of the area contribute excess fine sediment (sand, mud, or clay) to the river and threaten the health of the fishery. Excess fine sediment negatively harms trout by covering spawning habitat; reducing visibility; and impacting breathing.

The Moose Creek restoration project will focus on stabilizing streambanks, enhancing streamside vegetation, concentrating impact with trails and fencing, building a boat ramp and tiered kayak launch, and installing an educational interpretive sign.

The Moose Creek restoration project is the first of many, which will ensure the long-term health of the Gallatin River. The Task Force is actively seeking support to complete work at Moose Creek and to initiate future projects.

Contact us at (406) 993-2519 or email us at headwaters@gallatinrivertaskforce.org to support this project.


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