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Rebates for Water Conserving Appliances Available this September

By Emily Casey, Big Sky Watershed Corps member

The Task Force is excited to reveal that the first phase of the Big Sky Water Conservation Program is scheduled to launch by the end of Summer 2016. All those who reside within the Resort Tax District will be eligible to participate in the Indoor Residential Rebate Program to replace their toilets, showerheads, and clothes washers with higher efficiency models from qualifying brands like WaterSense.

With a sales receipt, completed rebate form, and proof of installation, participants will receive a rebate check within 30 days. Rebate amounts will vary depending on your current fixtures and the ones you choose to buy via a recommended product list but generally we will be awarding a maximum of $250 for toilet replacements, $40 for showerhead replacements, and $150 for clothes washer replacements per each installation address.

Please be on the lookout for Indoor Residential Rebate Program rebate forms and other program literature in the next few weeks online and around town, as we begin launching the Big Sky Water Conservation Program.

We received so much support from the community and acknowledgement of the need for water conservation programs in Big Sky, so thank you to all that are helping us move towards this goal.

The Big Sky Water Conservation Program was made possible with generous support from the Big Sky Area Resort TaxBig Sky County Water and Sewer District, and Department of Natural Resources and Conservation’s Watershed Management Grant Program.

In addition, the Task Force would like to thank the following entities that wrote support letters in favor of this initiative:

Finally, this program wouldn’t be possible without feedback from the 117 individuals who completed the Water Conservation Awareness Survey and the City of Bozeman Water Conservation Division for program guidance!

If you have any questions about how you can save water, money, and energy in your home (hint: participating in our rebate program is a huge step towards that!), please contact Emily Casey, Big Sky Watershed Corps Member, Gallatin River Task Force at emily@gallatinrivertaskforce.org or via phone at #406-993-2519.

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